Filling out forms can be a total drag, I know! But your answers will help me create copy that connects (and gets the 'hell yesss!'). Don't worry, you don't need to write a lot, but do give your answers some careful thought.
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Tell me a bit about your business.

Things like:

The year you launched your business
The type of services/programs you offer
The training/experience you have
Why you're so passionate about your business

(and anything else you think I should know, like the URL if you have one :)

WHAT is your product/program/service/book about and WHO is it for? Be really specific.

For example:

I provide writing services for online business owners. My ideal client is 30-45 with an established online business. She is an expert in her field, but she's time poor and at a stage where she needs professional support to help grow her business. She's motivated, enthusiastic and open to the possibilities.

WHAT problems/frustrations are your ideal clients struggling with right now, and what is the solution that your offer provides i.e. in what ways does your offer make their life better?  

For example:

PROBLEM - clients come to me because they are time poor, lack confidence in their writing skills, have no desire to spend time writing or have no experience writing.

SOLUTION - I give women the words to create a bigger impact and make more money. When they work with me they feel more organised, more confident and a lot less stressed.

HOW will your ideal client FEEL once your offer has solved their problem?

For example:

The women who work with me feel CONFIDENT knowing their web words are clear, sincere and soaked with strategy.

They feel RELIEVED knowing they have more time to focus on things they love, like working with clients and making more money.

They feel SUPPORTED, more professional and basically unstoppable.

What concerns or hesitations do people  have about buying from you?

For example:

It's too expensive...
I'm not sure if I have enough time...
I should be able to do all this on my own...

Who are your main competitors, and how is your offer different to theirs?

What tone or 'voice' do you want to use in this copy?

For example:

friendly and warm
funny and a bit cheeky
expert authority
rousing and inspiring

something else...

What do you want people to DO once they read this copy? (If multiple pages or offers, we'll need to create a call to action for each one).

For example:

sign up
make an enquiry
click on link

If your brand were a person, what would be its top three most likeable traits?

Describe your own personality in three words...

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